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Women Uniting for Success

The National Women Conference will bring together women from all over the country who are current and aspiring members of the APC and are interested in uniting for progress.

As the ruling party, APC must take the lead in the efforts to harness the enormous potential that women bring to the table. The party leadership must assuage and reassure them, to increase their involvement in leadership activities especially during elections.


They must instead become ambassadors of the party and educate other young women on what it means to be a progressive woman.


An educated and empowered woman can reach the highest of heights in her chosen career and business  and should she desire to go into politics, the nation as a whole will benefit immensely.


The Women Arm of the All Progressive Congress (APC) is organising the National Progressive Women Conference to holistically invest in the leadership and political potential of young women in Nigeria in partnership with the Progressive Hub and International Republican Institute (IRI) Nigeria. 

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